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Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Bob Lefsetz On Mediocricy

Another brilliant article from Bob Lefsetz. In his blog he wrote about the mediocrity of artist quality that seems to be running rampant these days. How true that the artists days seem to have less and less actual talent. Mr. Lefsetz says "In the dash for cash, it's all about shooting low, to the sweet spot, where most people live, so the purveyors can make money". I absolutely agree. Sounds like a very selfish thing to sell out for the quick buck. But clearly these artists aren't being selfish, because they are producing the quickest work that they think the majority will buy. True selfishness would be an artist that will only create and produce music that they want, not what the masses want. True art is an individual using a medium to express an idea. Its time to let selfishness back into mainstream music.

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